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As a company specialized in professional sport flooring, Hebei Tinsue Floor Technology Co., Ltd is integrated with research &development, production, sales, installation and after-sales service.

Since it was founded in 2003, Tinsue has emphasized on the research &development of the sports flooring. As the development of the Marketing economy, Tinsue became a company implemented by Modern Business Administration and also the first manufacture who imported the most advanced PVC flooring production lines from abroad. Meanwhile , in the principle of " regarding quality as life , credibility as fundamental, Tinsue began its continuous innovation for sports flooring .It has developed a system of diversified products which are applicable to badminton court , table tennis court ,basketball court , tennis court ,volleyball court ,comprehensive sports field , gymnasium , shopping mall, stores, office , hospital and etc.

Our products have been tested as top-quality products by China National Sport Goods Quality Supervision Inspection Center and China National Center for quality Supervision and Test of Environmental Protection Products. Having passed the certification of BWF and ITTF, Tinsue is provided with the qualification for undertaking international sport events. Our products have been designated to be used by 5 provincial table tennis teams and 8 provincial badminton teams. Since 2006 when Tinsue successfully sponsored International Badminton Federation Game (6 star) and its products were designated to be used in 2006 China Badminton Open Championship. Our products have been designated to be used as Official Floor Supplier of 2010-2011Volkswagen Cup Table Tennis Classic ,  Official Floor Supplier of 2010-2011tournament of champions,  Official Floor Supplier of 2010-2012China versus World Challenge Match, Official Floor Supplier of the 22th, 23th Asian Table Tennis Campaign, Official Floor Supplier of 2008-2014 China Table Tennis Club Super League, Official Floor Supplier of the 11th China PRC Games, Official Sports Floor Sponsor and Supplier for the 2010-2013 World Team Cup, Official Sports Floor Supplier for the 2011 - 2014  Latin America/ North American/Africa/ Oceania - Continental Championships , Official Sports Floor Supplier for the 2011 - 2014  Latin America/ North American/Africa/ Oceania - Continental Cups , 2010 African Championships, Official Floor Supplier of 2006 China Badminton Open Championship,  Official l Badminton Floor Supplier of 2010 ASEAN  School Games, Official Floor Supplier of 2010 Tinsue Cup College Badminton Super League, Official Floor Supplier of 2010 National Dong Xi Nan Bei Zhong Badminton Games, Official Floor Supplier of National Reserve Talents Bases Badminton Games and Official Floor Supplier of Beijing Laborers  Badminton Games .Especially in 2009, Tinsue was authorized as the Official Table Tennis Floor Supplier for 2012 London Olympic Games .After the success of London Olympic Games,Tinsue has been authorized as the official table tennis fioor supplier for 2014Youth Olympic Games.

Top-quality products and powerful influential force of Tinsue have jointly laid a solid foundation for the establishment and further development of this brand. Tinsue has built a sales network which covers all places of China and extends to the whole world. In China, we have ten divisions respectively in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xian, Chengdu, Shenyang,  Shijiazhuang and Intemational Trade Department, with our sales network being extended to dozens of countries including USA, Canada, Russia, Germany, Spain, Mauritius, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam,Japan,Kyrgyzstan,colombia, India and Indonesia as well as Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Africa and other regions.

Our high capacity for installation is supplementary to our high-quality products. After several years of development, Tinsue has established a perfect installation training system on the basis of rich experience in this regard. Meanwhile, it has standardized cautions for the installation of various products, the most effective installation process and every detail in installation, so as to realize leap-forward development in the training, efficiency and high quality of installation.

Tinsue staff will continue to make innovation, improve product quality and perfect the services, for the purpose of establishing Tinsue as a first-rate international brand.
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